Winston Air 2

Good afternoon dear readers,

what is Winston? What is a Winston?

Description by Winston himself.

"At Winston we never compromise and have a true passion for doing things right. Since 1929 we have been making not only the most innovative, but also the most beautiful fly rods. Take a Winston and you are holding a rod with a flawless finish, precisely aligned guides, a perfectly shaped handle and a reel seat made from the finest components. Fish with one and you will experience superior performance as well as the remarkable feel of a light, balanced and smooth rod. We know that anglers have many fly rods to choose from, but when it comes to having the best, there can only be one."

I can only agree! As a dealer I have the opportunity to cast and test many rods. There are rods that cast ok and others cast themselves. But a Winston is a rod all of its own. She doesn't forgive mistakes but her performance is also exorbitant. When I'm fishing, it's harder for me to stop with a Winston in my hand than with any other rod! You just don't want to put them down!

Now the Air2 is here and I have been fishing it very intensively for a little over half a year. At the beginning I wasn't sure what couldn't be improved about the Air. But then... Oh my God... That was a revelation. I have never thrown as well as I did with the Winston Air2 9' 5er. No question, I love all Miene rods, whether T&T, Scott, Orvis or Hardy, but my Winstons are sacred to me. Right at the front now is my Air2

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