0.3mm Lead Wire Natural
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Semperfli Lead Wire
Semperfli Lead Wire
Semperfli Lead Wire
Semperfli Lead Wire

Semperfli Lead Wire

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0.3mm Lead Wire Natural

0.3mm Lead Wire Natural is a round high grade lead wire which comes on a spool which is part of the Semperfli 0.3mm Lead Wire Natural range. It can be used extensively to weigh down flies, making ribs etc especially nymphs.

Lead wire should be treated with caution as lead is known to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm and cancer. Exposure to lead during pregnancy can affect brain development and cause learning and behavior problems for the child. Because of this and to adhere to USA legislation, particularly in California, each spool carries a Proposition 65 warning. We recommend that you use protective gloves when using or winding lead wire onto flies if you are tying lots of flies.

0.3mm Lead Wire Natural Specifications

  • Manufacturer Part No: SLPB003NAT
  • Width In 0.012 inch
  • Width In 0.3mm
  • Actual Length (Imperial) 5.46
  • Actual Length (Metres) 5

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