BioLite BioFuel 1kg
BioLite BioFuel 1kg
BioLite BioFuel 1kg
BioLite BioFuel 1kg
BioLite BioFuel 1kg

BioLite BioFuel 1kg

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Wood pellets for CampStove/CampStove2 and CookStove
BioLite wood pellets are pure nature!
They are made of 100 percent natural wood. They are made from wood shavings and sawdust, a by-product of the wood processing industry - no trees need to be felled. In addition, only raw materials from the region are used, which keeps transport routes particularly short. We avoid unnecessary CO2 pollution.

Production of BioLite wood pellets
Pellets are created without the addition of chemical-synthetic binders from untreated wood shavings and sawdust that are compacted under high pressure. The raw material for the production of wood pellets is a by-product or waste product of the wood processing industry and is therefore available at low cost. The quality of the chips used plays a crucial role in a high-quality end product. Quality controls take place from chip acceptance through processing to the finished pellet. The highly compressed pellets provide a homogeneous and natural fuel, which led to the development of the first pellet stoves back in the 1970s. During the actual pelletizing process, the wood chips are pressed through a die using rollers.

The art of pellet production
The real art now lies in homogenizing the raw material wood so that the press can process a raw material with identical properties at any time. This primarily affects the moisture content of the wood and the grain size of the chips. In order to guarantee uniform chip quality with a controlled residual moisture, the chips are pre-dried in advance using a belt dryer. The different types of wood also place different demands on the press. Not entirely unimportant for the quality of the pellets is their treatment from the way from the press to the delivery vehicle. This is where you decide whether you will later find pellets or wood dust in your bag.

BioLite wood pellets are better than the requirements of the European standard EN 14961-2
Modern production methods and many years of experience as well as high-quality raw materials ensure consistently high product quality without additional finishing processes. 100% green electricity is used for production. The raw materials are sourced from sustainable forestry with ecological standards.

- High quality pellets suitable for food preparation
- 100% natural raw materials without additives
- Igniter included
- Made in Germany
- 1 kg = 2 gas cartridges
- Energy content 5.2 kWh/kg
- Designed for BioLite CampStove, CampStove2 and CookStove

Dimensions: 22 x 12 x 7 cm
Weight: 1kg
Burning time: 2 hours

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